Revision Rhinoplasty Concerns about tip refinement, is this the right decision? (photo)

I did a rhinoplasty 3 years ago...and my tip is big , so today i visited another plastic surgeon and he said my nose tip don't have enough cartilage support so it is he's gonna lift it up a bit and use some excess nose cartilages to build it , he might use ear cartilages if he had too...i'm anxious and i wanna make sure i'm taking the right decision , does the pics show that this might be the case? and how is that gonna make my nose tip smaller? thanks in advance

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Revision rhinoplasty

HI. It is difficult to give you an answer without examining you. From the photos it looks like the dorsum of the nose has been over resected (too much taken off), and if there is no tip support then increasing tip projection will push the tip of the nose forward, narrowing it. If this is the case then you will need extra cartilage from somewhere if your septal cartilage has been removed - either your ear or rib. Alternatively an implant such as Medpor or Alloderm can be used. If you are not confident with your surgeon then the best thing is to seek another opinion from a surgeon who performs a lot of revision rhinoplasty.

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