Accutane After Revision Rhinoplasty

How long after Revision rhinoplasty can I go on Accutane? Revision rhinoplasty consists of a Gore-Tex bridge and nasal cartilage as tip. Thanks!


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Start Accutane after Rhinoplasty incisions have healed

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You may start accutane after the rhinoplasty incisions are healed. Clear this with your surgeon. This pharmaceutical company that first manufactured this drug no longer releases this medication because there have been reports of serious cases of inflammatory bowl disease attributed to Accutane. Some companies are now making a generic form, but discuss possible complications with your doctor. Although there are wonderful results in the treatment of some forms of acne, I am concerned about your safety.

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Accutane after a surgical rhinoplasty

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There are no definite time lines as to when you should being accutane treatment after a procedure on your nose. However, I suggest that if you are having flare ups that are significant enough of your acne and you are sufficiently healed from your rhinoplasty then you should probably start on treatment. In fact, active acne can create a negative effect on the final result of your nose and create undo scarring in the tip area especially so I would recommend you discuss that with your rhinoplasty surgeon to make sure that you are healed up enough from your procedure. After you finish your accutane treatment you should not have another surgical procedure for at least one year. I hope this information helps.

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Isotrenoin and wound healing

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While it's well recognized that isotretinoin (Accutane) will dramatically delay healing after skin resurfacing such as peels and laser resurfacing, there is scant data about its other effects on wounds. What data there is, however, suggests that it can delay healing and interfere with wound contraction. Some of these reactions are idiosyncratic--they happen in some patients and not others. But for my patients, a safe(ish) bet would be to use it no sooner than 6 months after surgery, and perhaps no sooner than 12 months later...assuming everything has healed otherwise to plan.

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Resuming Accutane after rhinoplasty

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There are no textbook answers here.

In my opinion if you are completely healed then you can proceed with Accutanee therapy.

Accutane shoould have minimal effect on the wound once things have healed.

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