Revision Rhinoplastry and Persistent Scar Tissue Causing a Humped Side Profile and Swollen Tip, Is This Okay?

I have had my third rhinoplastry by the same surgeon. The latest 2 month ago was to remove scar tissue from my to and lower bridge ... I loved it when the cast first came off but it's slowly got worse not better and looks like scar tissue grown back. I had steroid shots on my request two weeks ago which he administered through each nostril with a needle and not in a specific area ?? Is this ok !? I have seen no difference. I can't upload pictures but could e mail if someone would be so kind to advise ...

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The Key to the Supratip is the Tip

Without seeing your photos I can only speculate, but your story is a common one. It is a common misconception among surgeons and patients that swelling above the tip has to do with scar along the lower bridge or swelling in the tip--therefore the logical correction seems as if it ought to be steroid injections or further reduction of the dorsum to remove "scar tissue."

While that is occasionally true, most supratip elevation is a sign of inadequate tip projection. Next year, when your nose is healed and your tip is soft, tip grafts will project and shape your tip and the elevation above the tip will go away.

My book publisher, Quality Medical Publishing, has just released four new surgical videos of mine, and this exact point is one that I illustrate. It is a difficult concept for both patients and surgeons that augmentation should correct an area that already looks too large, but it is true.

Find a surgeon whom you trust and who is experienced in this surgery and you can have a successful outcome.

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Revision Rhinoplastry and Persistent Scar Tissue Causing a Humped Side Profile and Swollen Tip, Is This Okay?

     If the nose looked good when the splint came off, I would continue to wait for the nose to take shape.  The nose can be swollen for up to a year or more.  Swelling will depend upon the nature of maneuvers employed, presence of grafts or implants, thickness of skin, open vs closed, revision vs primary,  etc.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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