Revision Rhinoplasty 8 Weeks Ago and Have Noticeable Dents?

I had revision rhinoplastry 8 weeks ago ... When the cast first came off it was a little uneven but he said it was swollen and was happy with it but since three noticeable dents have appeared and it seems to dip on one side where there are two dents ... Could this just be swelling or by 8 weeks should my nose be looking ok ? It was just tip work and columella revision.

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Noticeable dents following revision rhinoplasty

After 8 weeks, you will still be considerably swollen. It can take up to a year before you notice the final result of rhinoplasty surgery. In general, swelling may result in your nose appearing:


1)  Wider
2) Larger with a bulbous nasal tip
3) Asymmetric

Tip work can result in more swelling, and the work to your columella will only add to it. The dents you are seeing could likely be related to the swelling that is present, and I would recommend following up with your surgeon for a quick check up regarding your concerns. Healing from a rhinoplasty takes time, and it is important to be patient during the recovery process. Thank you and I hope this helps!

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Revision rhinoplasty before and after

Dear rangers1,

  • You are still in the very early stages of healing
  • You should see your surgeon any time you have concerns
  • It is difficult to advise you further without pics or a physical exam, but don't worry too much and see your doctor

Best regards,

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