Can I Have a Revision Rhinoplastic if I Already Have 3? (photo)

I have my first rhinoplastic when i was 19 to make my nose smaller. after the surgery my nose was horrible, so my doctor told me that i need a revision surgery but it end up the same(the second surgery was 6 months after the first one). 2 years after the second surgery i went to another doctor and have my third rhinoplastic.But I still dont like the result I think it dosent look natural and is turn up a lot. so I would like to know what you think. (1month after third rhinoplasty)

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Multiple Revision Rhinoplasties

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It is possible to have multiple rhinoplasties but each rhinoplasty creates more scar tissue which makes the result very unpredictable.  It seems your last result is considerably improved.  If you feel the nose is still too turned up or rotated, adding a graft to the bottom of the tip may improve the angulation.  I would talk to your plastic surgeon about this and see if he can do it.  I would wait as long as you can to let all of the swelling go down.  The longer you wait, the less the swelling and the softer the scar tissue. 

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