3 Weeks Post Third Breast Implant Revision: How Can I Permanently Fix This?

1st BA May'03-subgland tex. saline. Same PS redo Feb'11-submus smooth silicone. Problems with left breast since day after. Muscle felt tight/twitched/large ripple on lateral side. 7 wks post-op implant squeezed out from under muscle back into subgland pocket!

Should old pocket been closed off somehow?

ame PS placed implant back under muscle and applied alloderm bilaterally.

Now 3 wks post-op from 3rd surgery. The day after looked like left is bottoming out. Could it be the alloderm? Revision

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Revision breast implant surgery requires special planning

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The biggest predictor of the need for a revision surgery is a previous revision that didn't turn out; in other words, it gets more difficult each time. You are early in the post op period, but the use of Alloderm or Strattice should prevent recurrent bottoming out and related double bubble/animation deformity. If it does become necessary for a fourth surgery you should really take your time in deciding.

Both implants are need revision

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Your breast implants are not expanding the breast tissue due to the resistance from the muscle. You may need a fresh start. I specialize in difficult breast implant problem. You may benefit from implant removal and fat grafting or just revision with implants. This is not a established treatment. I have done more than 50 cases of implant removal and fat grafting under a protocol at Louisiana State University study. You can check my web site for examples.

Troubles after third breast implant revision

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The issue with the old subglandular pocket are not clear, though a submuscular pocket for the new silicone gel implants was an excellent plan. The preference is a completely new pocket, and closure of the old so that the implant does not shift. Your photos do seem to show that despite the revision the pocket and fold on the left breast is lower, probably not a fault of the alloderm, yet the fold has not been set well to the frustration of both you and your surgeon. Two options, firm under wire support to see if the capsule and fold will seat into position, or revise and reset the left breast. A lot to consider.

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