Can Revision Rhinoplasty Be Revised?

I had revision surg. over 9 months ago to correct nostril and breathing. Pre rev. nose was small slim. Ear cart. was placed on sides of bridge and tip during surgery. Never given explanation. Columella now on bottom of nose. Can nose be made slimmer as it was originally?

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Removing garfts

The ear grafts can be removed to make your nose narrow again - but then you are back where you started

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Additional revision rhinoplasty

Yes, a revision rhinoplasty can be entertained. However, you need to wait at least one year from the previous surgery before embarking on revision rhinoplasty surgery. The nose and columella can be made be more slim back to its normal pre-surgery state. The ear cartilage grafts can be removed in both the bridge and the tip. Open communication and dialogue between the patient and the surgeon is critical moving forward on your third revision rhinoplasty surgery.

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Revision of Revision Rhinoplasty

There is not an absolute number of revisions that we consider appropriate or safe. Although risk increases with each surgery, it does depend on what was done at each operation. Consider your alternatives with several surgeons before making a decision.

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Revision rhinoplasty: form versus function.

Can your nose be made slimmer? Maybe. Are you willing to sacrifice breathing through your nose? Your previous nose, by your description, was narrow but also obstructed. While we can usually create noses that both look good and function well, some cases require compromises. This is especially true with revisions. It's important to discuss with your surgeon what effect changing its shape has on changing your breathing. Pre-op imaging is helpful here, too.

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P.S. And, Samir, please...every answer you give starts with the tiresome mantra (in all caps, no less) about board-certified plastic surgeons. Enough of that nonsense already.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Have a consultation with a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON and discuss your problems and the options you have. The grafts may need to be removed. The results are not guaranteed.

Seconadry rhinoplasty is very difficult and need an expert

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Revision Rhinoplasty


Yes a nose can be revised many times depending on what was done in the previous surgery. Of course, more surgery means more scar tissue, so the revisions become increasingly harder.



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