Why Am I Supposed to Wait 8-10 Months Before Having Either Revision or Implant Removal?

Im a bit confused, some Doctors said it's ok to remove implants as soon as possible while others said 8 to 10 months at least. So is it because you advise patients to wait because they may like it later on or is it health reason? I just think the longer the implants are there the more it's damaging the natural nose. So what is the best time to remove implant (gor Tex) and tip and go back to where I started? If revision.... Would the time frame be different? Thx u!

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Removing nasal implants and restoring your nose

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In general I agree with waiting as close to a year for revisional cases with the exceptiion of cases like yours .  I do not place implants whether gortex or silicone in the nose.  I think the complication profile is too high and the quality of results is consistently too low.  It is my opinion that these foreign bodies, when placed, should be removed sooner then later and the patient should be convrted to a real rhinoplasty using autologous materials ( your body's own cartilage).  If you really want just a removal and conversion back to your original nose, your chances of satisfaction go down significantly the longer the implant is in place as it will continue to stretch your skin and distort the structural framework of your nose.  I hope this helps!


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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

Why Am I Supposed to Wait 8-10 Months Before Having Either Revision or Implant Removal?

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Very hard question to address. If using Gortex I usually depending upon the medical/surgical issue remove early. Because the fibrosis in growth can make removal very difficult later in the healing phase. Best to be seen in person. 

Nasal implant removal or revision

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I think your question has landed in the wrong category. Breast implants can be removed at any time and revisional surgery can be performed once the initial swelling has decreased. Nasal tip implants are an entirely different matter because it is important for significant healing to take place before going back into the nose and planning any revisional surgery.

To remove or not.

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The biggest reason to wait is to see if the final result is more acceptable to you. Rhinoplasties take some of the longest times to fully mature. This is especially true if it is a secondary procedure. Did you get the result you and the surgeon discussed? If so, and assuming you were not happy with the way it looked before, then doing a knee jerk response would simply return you to an unsatisfactory situation. The Goretex should be no more difficult to remove in the future.

Robert H. Schnarrs, MD
Norfolk Plastic Surgeon
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