Is it Normal to Not be Put Under for Revision Rhino?

My original PS, is going to perform my revision augmentation of the radix and bridge using donor cartilage from my ear. He says that I do not have to be under for this procedure? -Is this normal and or safe? -My original surgery was an open augmentation? Thanks

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Revision Rhinoplasty under Local Anesthesia

Your revision can be done safely under local anesthesia. When I was in my training many of my rhinoplasties were done under local anesthesia. Today most patients prefer to at least be sedated, but this depends on the amount of work that will be done and certainly the patient's preference. Discuss your feelings with your surgeon.

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Anesthesia for revision rhinoplasty

There are three components to this answer. ONE is the technical part, with the point that it can be done under local fairly easily.  Probably means your revision is relatively straight forward.

TWO is the comfort issue, of both you and your surgeon.  Both must be okay with this.  Obviously your PS is fine with it, but you must be as well.  If not, make other plans. That is something to fully discuss with the doc before you get in the OR.  Sometimes even a light oral sedative can be added just to take the edge off, creating a level of relaxation that suits both of you.

THREE is the financial part.  Most docs will provide revision rhino services to their own patients (if done within a year) for free.  However the patient will still be responsible for the OR and the anesthesia fee.  So it may be that your surgeon is working from this perspective, and trying to limit any additional out of pocket expense that you must take on for revisions.

All these issues are normal concepts for discussion.  Bring them up as early as possible with your surgeon, and not the day of the proposed surgery.

Kevin Robertson, MD
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Is it Normal to Not be Put Under for Revision Rhino?

  You really need to have this discussion and clarification with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon because none of us here know what he/she plans to do during your Revision Rhinoplasty.  I personally like Rhinoplasty patients to have a general anesthesia for their safety and comfort.  Be sure that your Rhinoplasty Surgeon understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty including the principles governing the nose.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty

I prefer that patients undergoing rhinoplasty have some sort of sedation at the minimum.  Albeit, soem doctors will just use local.  But why take the chance at being uncomfortable.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Revision under local

Every surgeon has their own routine and should be able to provide you with a comfortable and safe experience. Even when I do rhinoplasty procedures on patients with "local" they are in a monitored setting and can receive supplemental IV sedation as needed. If you prefer to be completely asleep (as most patients do) I'm sure your surgeon can accommodate you for this.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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Anesthesia preferences for revision rhinoplasty

Dear glbtrx

The choice of anesthesia for your rhinoplasty is based on your comfort and your surgeons preferences.  

There are benefits (such as recovery time) to using sedation only or local anesthesia. 

Many rhinoplasties and revisions have safely been performed this way, but have a conversation with your surgeon. Best Wishes

Travis T. Tollefson, MD, MPH
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revision rhinoplasty

There are a number of alternatives for your revision. You should discuss them with your Plastic Surgeon and  determine why he or she recommends the course of action they do.  Important issues are when was your initial surgery and what exactly is the operative plan.

Jay M. Pensler, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty under local

It is possible to do revision surgery like you describe under local anesthesia. Presumably a closed approach is planned for the upcoming procedure, which is more feasible to do with local anesthesia only. It doesn't have to be done this way. Ifyou have concerns you should bring them up with your surgeon.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Revision Rhinoplasty and Type of Anesthesia?

Thank you for the question.

Every surgeon will have a preference as to the type of anesthesia used for a particular procedure. If you have concerns you should ask him if he feels that he will be able to achieve the desired results with the plan type of anesthesia.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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