Can I Get a Revision Post Staph Infection?

I had a BA 4 months ago and at 3 months I got an infection in my incision (axilla). It was a cyst that got infected and a swab revealed it was staph. The infection has resolved after a course of anti biotics, however the cystic structure is still there. I am looking to go bigger in 3 months which will make it 7 months post infection and would like to use the same spot to get my revision and the cyst cut out at the same time. Is this possible? Are there risks? Breast was not affected, it is local

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Cyst at Same Site as Breast Augmentation Revision Incision

Given the events you described, it may be better to have the cyst removed and the area fully healed before placing an implant through the same site. Any contamination of the breast implant by a possibly infected cyst can cause serious problems.



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Cyst Infection After Breat Augmentation

Dear Rikki,


According to your description, it is better if you take care of the cyst first and let the area heal well before you consider going for a revision surgery through the same axillary area.

I recommend you to communicate with your surgeon in that matter especially if he/she was the one who treated your infection.

Best of luck to you and thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Breast augmentation question

Treat cyst first and then wait 2 months to make sure it is not coming back then you are good to go ahead with breast surgery.

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Treat your axilla cyst before any breast augmentation revision surgery.

You have suffered a prior infection in your axillary cyst, months after your breast enlargements. You were fortunate that this cyst infection did not occur at the time of your surgery, threatening loss of your breast implant.

Now that your axillary infection is resolved, you should consider strongly the removal of this persistent cyst in your axilla. I would suggest that you wait for 3+ months after removal of this problematic cyst before you embark on an implant exchange through the same axillary approach. This should give your body ample healing time and should put your implant(s) at lower risk for an infection.

Revisit with your plastic surgeon in a consultation to discuss issues of implant exchange, cyst removal, and the timing of surgeries.

Best Regards,

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Cyst issue and revisoin breast augmentation

I would have the cyst treated first, but I would check with your surgeon to be sure that it is still there.

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