Revision Otoplasty About 6-8 Weeks Ago?

I had revision otoplasty surgery done about 6-8 weeks ago but im unhappy with the results is there anyway for me to correct this myself what should i do

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Unhappy after Otoplasty Revision Surgery…

There is nothing that you can do personally to change the results after revisionary otoplasty surgery. I would suggest that you communicate your questions/concerns with your plastic surgeon in a calm/constructive fashion. Depending on exactly what the situation is, your plastic surgeon may have suggestions to help improve the situation.

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Revision Otoplasty About 6-8 Weeks Ago?

There is nothing that you can do yourself to alter the results of your otoplasty. Your best option is to return to your surgeon and discuss your concerns. It is too early to judge the final results but your plastic surgeon can give you an idea of what to expect over the next month or so. Hopefully, they can reassure you that your concerns will resolve with further healing. I hope this information is helpful.

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Revision otoplasty

At 6-8 weeks following your surgery, there most likely is still some swelling around your ears.  I would wait a little longer before judging the final result.  And to answer your other question, you should absolutely not try and correct it yourself.  You should be seen by your surgeon to discuss your issue and be evaluated.  

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