Revision Osteotomy on Right Side Only

Hello. I am a bit over a year post op and am scheduled for a revision in september. My right nasal bone is slightly flared compared to my left giving a bit of an asymmetrical look width wise. My dr agreed with me and our plan is to rebreak the right nasal bone in order to realign it in a straighter position. Is this a fairily straightforward procedure? My concern is that because nothing else is being done to the left side or tip - am I just going to be grossly swollen on the right side only?

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Rhinoplasty for a one sided osteotomy

 It is certainly acceptable to undergo an one-sided osteotomy when just one nasal bone is flared outward after the rhinoplasty procedure. We have also done this in our practice when one bone heals more outward than the other side, and a unilateral  osteotomy is performed.  The nose will be more swollen on the one side usually for a shorter period of time than the initial rhinoplasty.  Expect a cast on the bridge again. For examples of crooked noses that have had osteotomies in our practice, see the photo gallery below

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