What Are My Options For Correcting Uneven Nostrils?

hello i had closed rhino 20 years ago and now i'm 6 weeks post open rhinoplasty and i would like to know if the scar under my nose going to be flat ,but my doctor said it's ok and i have uneven nostrils but it was like that before but the way it was it was less obvious. what's the best way to correct nostril ..make one bigger or the order smaller thank you

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Rhinoplasty revision

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Your photos show the whole lower half of your nose shifted to your left, asymmetric tip cartilages and bulging of the outer edge of the open rhinoplasty incision scar. You will need redo surgery to correct this but it is safest for you to wait till 1 year after the last procedure. You will need septal work to straighten the nose and tip cartilage surgery to make the nostrils more symmetric. It is unclear from the limited information in your post if these goals are achievable. You need to get copies of the operative report and photos from your most recent surgery to show prospective surgeons when you consult with them for your next surgery.

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