Loose Skin Under Breast After Revision?

Silicon implant popped in sugery I ended up getting capsular contracture. After 4 months I had it redone now I have loose skin under my breast! I can't even feel the implant it sits higher. And the implant looks as if it's coming out my armpit and full to the top then gets narrow to the bottom looking empty causing there to be no cleavage it reminds me of a pair upside down. I'm only 3 weeks out of my second sergery will message fix this problem it didn't work the first time!

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Loose skin piost aug

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I would go bakc to your doctor.Since you are 3 weeks pressure/and or massage may help but it sounds as if the implant is too far laterally and whether thjis can be pushed medial is iffy.

Loose skin after breast revision

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Having a revision after capsular contracture should leave your breasts firm, smooth and soft. During the healing process some patients may find that things take a little while to get into the shape they are hoping to achieve. In some cases that never happens. You're only three weeks out from surgery so you should try to remain patient even though I know you have been through a lot already. Healing is unpredictable and can give us results that are different from what we see on the operating room table.


Having said that, looseness in the skin is not something that should be seen after a revision. There is a common misconception that implants "settle". In my opinion this does not really happen. What most people think is "settling" is really swelling in the upper breast getting better. The implants should be seated in a good position immediately and should not really move too much during the healing process. All too often I see patients looking for a revision that were told by another doctor that the implants would "settle". Frequently, they also have a less than good experience with massage and pressure bands as well.


If you find that things do not get better I would recommend that you go to consultations with a few board certified plastic surgeons (certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) and get some opinions. You might find that you will need another procedure to achieve the results you really want. Be sure to talk with those surgeons about all of the options so you can make the best choices.


I hope this info helps!

Loose Skin Under Breast After Revision

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It is really hard for me to visualize this--photos would help. It is not unusual after surgery for submuscular implants for the implant to "ride high" as the muscle is often tight, compressing the implant and displacing its contents upward--the breast fold limits downward excursion, while the upper pole is sitting in a large empty space between the muscle and the rib cage. 

Time and massage may well solve this for you, but a photo would help us understand what the current situation really is.

Thanks for the question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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