Revision Needed for Base Narrowing, Graft Correction? (photo)

I am having a revision done for the 4th time to correct the spreader grafts, bulbous tip, and external valve collapse. My spreader grafts are visible and palpable on the left side. What would you recommend to correct these problems? They have proposed batten and alar grafts, smoothing the bridge, and refining the tip. Will I need weir excisions to narrow the base like I want? I also have a larger bump (rocker deformity?) between my left eye and nose, can this be repaired?

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Revision rhinoplasty

Thank you for the photos. They help but no substitute for a hand on exam, both internal and external. The left nasal bone is collapsed (valve issue) thus the appearance of deviation to the right. The alae are wide probably will need a Weir. spreader gaffs may or may not be needed pending exam. 4th revision is a difficult procedure, get several opinions from experienced revision surgeons.

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Good candidate for revision

You are a good candidate for revision to make the nose more feminine and less wide.  Likely additional grafting will be needed and some of the existing grafts will need to be replaced.

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