Should I get a revision to make my breasts closer together? (photo)

14 weeks ago I got 300cc mod plus implants filled to 360 under the muscle, and now I feel like they're so far apart that I look odd. I can't even get them to touch with the best bra I can find (see pic). They're also still really firm on top like a thigh muscle. Should I get a revision, and if so, what should be done?

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Breast implants too far apart

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Your preoperative photos demonstrate that your breasts sit far apart naturally. The augmentation therefore sits farther apart - particularly with submuscular implants. The insertion of your pectoralis muscle dictates how close the implants can sit. At this point, I would recommend massage and time to allow the implants to settle into the new pockets and for the muscles to relax. You may find that as the muscle relaxes and accomodates the implants that you will be able to create much more cleavage with a bra. If after 6-9 months, you are in the same situation, then a revision is possible with either a site change to subglandular or larger/more projecting implants for more obvious cleavage.

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Optimal cleavage with submuscular implants

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Your pre-existing anatomy dictates to a large degree how close the implants can be, as it relates to the attachment of the muscle. The moderate plus profile will often look more unnatural in a very thin person. Another important consideration is the base diameter of the implants relative to the breast.

Too far apart

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Since you are 14 weesk post op and looking at your photos I would consider revising the right breast which seems too far lateral.When you are thin and small breasted it is tough to get good medial cleavage.

Consider fat transfer over implants towards the middle.

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From your before pictures, one can see that your breasts were quite far apart to start. As you are very slim, under the muscle is a better option for you than over the muscle, but does have the disadvantage of the implants sitting further apart. An option to consider is fat transfer towards the middle over the implants a procedure known as composite breast augmentation. You may also want to consider gel implants as these will definitely feel softer than 300cc saline implants filled to 360cc, especially in a slim individual like yourself.

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