Revision Lipo After Full TT, Still Sore and Swollen, and Very Hard?

I had a full TT in march and had to have revision lipo on the 17. I am still sooo very sore and swollen plus my stomache is as hard as a brick all over. Is this normal and for it to be so hard because it is so painful. I havent returned to work yet because I am a hairstylist and a dishwasher part time on each job. I donot wanna hurt anything worse than it already does, plus what is good for the hardness part and is it gonna stay that way????

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Hardness after liposuction

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Some hardens can occur after liposuction and some techniques can cause more firmness than others.  If you have concerns,you should check with your surgeon.

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Hardness after revision liposuction

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I am sorry to hear about your prolbem and inability to return to work. It is very important to have patients understand the expected healing period so that they can plan their lives accordingly. I cannot determine from your post what has caused you to have such prolonged pain. If you have just had liposuction, then one would expect hardness until the swelling resolves but I believe that these issues need to be discussedi with your plastic surgeon.

Revision Lipo After Full TT, Still Sore and Swollen, and Very Hard?

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I would not hazard a guess as to why you still feel so firm and have so much discomfort after 4 months or so. I think a visit to your surgeon is in order for an evaluation.

As a surgeon, I would not want to do a revision of a liposuctioned area that is not soft. The ability to retrieve any fat is diminished, the ability to determine a suitable end point is compromised, and the post op pain and swelling is likely to be increased, and in your situation that is the last thing you want. 

Thanks for the question, good luck to you.

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