Do I Need a Revision? Lateral Issues. (photo)

I had breast Augementation 4 months ago. 32/34 A cup before. 325 moderate plus saline overfilled to 400 left and 375 right with a lollipop lift. My breasts seem to look ok standing up, although i think they are too far apart and not perky enough. When I lie down they do seem to fall to the side. It is not painful or anything but it bothers me the way it looks. Is this normal? Should i get a revison and when should i do it. I really wanted perky breasts!

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Do I Need a Revision?

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You raise two issues here--implants too far apart, and breasts fall to the side when lying down. 

  • Implants too far apart.  Your natural breasts are further apart than in other women, and this is a normal variant. The implants should be, and are, centered within the breast. If a surgeon tried to put the implants more centrally, you nipples are areolae would be on the side of the breast, and would appear very bizarre. The breasts are where they are, and are not moved.
  • Implants fall to the side.  Normal breasts fall to the side in this position, as to implanted breasts, although less so. When they don't, it is usually because of a capsular contracture. 

It appears to me that you have had a very nice improvement, and I would not suggest a revision based upon the things that bother you.

Thanks for the question, and for the photos. Best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Drooping breasts after augmentation with lollipop lift (vertical mastopexy)

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You seem to have had a good result from your procedure but you are experienceing the limitations of the lollipop, or vertical pattern, mastopexy: excess skin below the nipple.

The lillipop lift often leaves this skin excess and the excess not only leads to some drooping but also to extra implant mobility. 

If you can't tolerate current contours a revision is indicated. Tighter skin envelopes would help retain the implants in more anatomic position when you lie down. I would recommend converting you to a standard Wise pattern mastopexy to decrease your skin envelope.  This will add some scar under your breasts but it will be well worth it for your improved look. The goal is to create proper balance and harmony between the skin envelope and breast volume. 

Soft implants will fall towards the axilla just as a normal breast does.

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I think your result is pretty good so far.  It is normal for a soft implant to fall in response to gravity.  When you lie down, it will direct some of the implant towards the axilla since that is the direction of the gravitational field.



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