Considering a Revision to Help with Projection? (photo)

Hi I had a nose job about 8 years ago. While I liked the outcome at the time as years went on I noticed that the projection wasn't really taken care of when I had the nose job. In certain pictures my left side looks a bit like a hook ( it never did pre nose job ). The picture attached here is what I look like after my nose job. My question is if I should schedule a consultation with my PS to consider taking down my bridge and taken in my tip so my nose doesn't stick out so much.

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Is my nose over-projected after rhinoplasty?

I looked at your picture and, with all honesty, think that your nose actually looks very good 8 years after the surgery.  I don't think it is overprojected; if anything, it seems that your chin is slightly weak which may create an illusion of tip overprojection.  There is a slight dorsal hump/ fullness -- this may be fairly easily corrected if bothersome enough. Again, the pictures sometimes don'd do the justice so a consultation with a surgeon would be a proper next step.  Good luck.

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