Revision Genioplasty and Nerve Damages?

Hi, I had a 5 mm advancement bony sliding genioplasty 4 weeks ago. The swelling is almost gone, but I noticed my chin is not symetric, it's like it's sliding to the right. I'm thinking that maybe I should get another surgery to have this fixed. But when should I get it? Is it best to have it as soon as possible or to wait? what would be the most appropriate concerning the nerve damages this surgery does? waiting for all the nerves to heal, or it does not do any difference?

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Revision of Sliding Genioplasty at three months after surgery

I would wait three months after surgery to be sure that what you are seeing is not just swelling. (and at 5 weeks after surgery all the swelling is not gone) If it is still there by three months, the osteotomy can still easily be separated and repositioned. The nerve healing issue is irrelevant as what matters is the balance between making sure all he swelling is gone and that the bone does not have a solid osseous union.

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