Gastroplasty Revision: I Need to Know Where to Go to Get a Revision.

I had gastroplasty in 2002, I lost the weight and now have gained again. I went and had an EGD the Dr. I went to told me the band had eroded thru my stomach. He wouldn't reffer me to anyone and I don't know where to go now. Any suggestions?

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Removal of eroded gastric band

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Start by getting a copy of your original operative report, so your new surgeon will know exactly what was done.  From your description, I am guessing that you might have had a vertical banded gastroplasty.  If so, this will be a complex revision.

If you only had an adjustable gastric band, removal is relatively simple, and can be done laparoscopically; sometimes it can even be done "through the mouth" with an endoscope.

There are numerous websites listing bariatric surgeons. The good news is that this isn't an emergency.

Mark Pleatman MD

Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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Gastroplasty revision

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The hold gastroplasty or VBG was a horrible operation with high failure rates.  Failure rates are greater than 50%.  It is very important to choose a very experienced bariatric revision surgeon to fix the problem.  The recommended revision is to convert your procedure to a gastric bypass.

Revison for patients with previous VBG - where to look

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Revision surgery is a highly technical and challenging procedure and should only be done by experienced hands in the field of bariatric surgery. Even in expert hands complications do occur. It is important to have an operative report ready when seeing a surgeon for a revision. The surgeon will likely perform some test which usually include and endoscopy and or a radiological study. To find a bariatric surgeon you can look for surgeons in you area by visiting

Ricardo M. Bonnor, MD, FACS
Houston General Surgeon

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