Revision for Benelli Mastopexy Without BA? (photo)

I had a benelli mastopexy without breast implants three months ago for my tuberous breasts. I was initially delighted with the result--my areolas were tiny compared to what they looked like before surgery, and my breasts had a much fuller, rounder look to them. However, as time has passed, I've noticed that some stretching has occurred in the areolas themselves, despite the blocking suture. You can see this clearly in the fourth photo. Should I consider revision for the stretching?

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Tuberous Breasts and a Benelli (Roundblock) Breast Lift

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It is really hard to advise you without reviewing your BEFORE photographs.  Tuberous breasts have the constricted shape of a tuber resembling a sagging windsock topped by a very large nipple complex which occupies a disproportionate amount of the surface of the breast skin surface. To change this unattractive tuber or eggplant-shaped breast into a more attractive half dome shape, we need to  release the constrictions keeping the breast in this shape and then reduce the diameter of the areola. A breast implant is often used to add volume and height to the hald domes. The reduced areolae are then stitched to the adjacent breast skin with a Louis Benelli-LIKE permanent stitch. However, inherent to this operation is widening scar (sometimes sunburst shape) around the new, smaller areolae.

In my opinion, you appear to have a very nice result. As every ethical Plastic surgeon would tell you what separates good from crappy is the ability to know when good IS good enough. As Jean Jaque Rouseau, the French philosopher whose writings influenced our Founding Fathers once said: "Better is the enemy of good". I would leave it alone.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Revision Mastopexy

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Without seeing before pics, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  However, with placement of a small implant and a revision of the aureolas, you can have a very nice and natural-appearing result.


Good Luck.

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