How do I Find the Top ASOPRS Surgeons to Perform my Revision Eyelid Surgery?

I had my surgery two months ago. I know that I must wait for a revision. I will not be going to my prior surgeon and will have to travel. How can I ensure I pick one of the top ASOPRS surgeons in this area? My biggest issue is that the skin between the crease line and the eyebrow has been completely deflated. This skin used to cover the majority of my eyelids but now my eyelids are completely exposed. The deflated skin is not tight and can still cover my eyelids but does not stay there.

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ASOPRS does have a directory but this is not what you are asking.

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Welcome to the world 2.2.  There is no single "TOP" person for this.  A surgeon's experience, interests and commitment to your particular reconstructive issue should be your priority in identifying the right surgeon.  Unfortunately you are describing a particularly difficult aesthetic reconstructive issue.  The success of actually helping the hollowed upper eyelid very much depends on precisely what you have been left with.  Some individuals in your circumstance can benefit from upper eyelid/sub brow fillers.  Because this type of service often needs to be adjusted to be right, finding someone close to home or easy to travel to is essential.

I will further caution you regarding finding the ultimate surgical cure.  If you are absolutely committed to finding the "single" right surgeon, I recommend that you prepare yourself for many consultations.  The top city for this is Los Angeles.  You could potentially get several opinions in a short stay.  However, there are also other excellent aesthetic reconstructive eyelid surgeons in other cities in the United States.  I will caution you about falling in love with a particular surgeon.  You really need to objectively listen to what is being proposed, what is being promised, and what is not being promised.  It sometimes helps to bring someone else with you.  Keep in mind that it is one thing to promise something, and a whole other thing to actually deliver.  Good luck in your search.

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ASOPRS surgeon

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You can get a list of ASOPRS surgeons by going to the for many reputable oculoplastic surgeons.

How do I Find the Top ASOPRS Surgeons to Perform my Revision Eyelid Surgery?

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IMHO, you should seek out an experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon who performs revision Blepharoplasty.  No one surgical organization (there are at least three separate ones) can claim superiority in plastic or cosmetic surgery IMO and not all surgeons, within any organization are equally trained or skilled.

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You can search for a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons on their website,  I can tell you that there is an excellent member of ASOPRS in Calgary by the name of Karim Punja.  I recommend you see him.

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