One Eyelid Larger After Eyelid Surgery Revision

I had an Eyelid Surgery revision on my upper eyelids 6 months ago, 6 months after the original procedure. One did well, but the other lid is noticeably larger and 'pouching' over the incision. It doesn't look red or infected. Scar tissue has also formed at the inner corner. Does this sound like something that will resolve with time? Would a small steroid shot help the scar tissue, and if so, at what point should I request this? Also, could the steroid adversely affect any other tissue around the eye? Thank you for your time.

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Eyelid surgery results

If you feel at 6 months there is slight increase amount of skin over one eye, then it may be very easy for your surgeon to remove the excess skin in a small excision. For the area of red scar, an injection of corticosteroid or corticosteroid in combination with 5-fluorouracil can be very helpful - sometimes as few as 2 injections are helpful.

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Eyelids tend to look better with time.

 Unfortunately, it's difficult to answer your question without seeing your photos. I would imagine that your result after 6 mos. would be close to your final outcome, but some subtle improvements may occur. 

Feel free to post / email me a photo of your eyelids, and I'll be happy to comment.

Best regards.

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One eyelid larger after eyelid surgery

Typically by six months after surgery, the eyes should be at their final stage of healing and there is very minimal changes that take place. If you like feel free to post a picture so we can answer your question better.

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