Revision Due to PIP Implants Size-800cc Uhp in 2008 Textured Overs, Options? (photo)

please can you advise to implant type...make and profile should I stay with UHP or mod+ ...I have good cleavage at present and some side boob,crease lowered on right side . stats befor 38a bwd 15,lost weight now 36 band would like more upper pole and larger breast.I prefer projection to side boob,i also have dents on right side when lay down suspect...rupture?? Would greatly appreciate your opinions advice as I need to replace PIPS asap thankyou

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Dents are likely ripples, not a ruptured implant

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Given the limited information you have provided, all I can tell you is that the dents you are feeling are most likely due to implant rippling, not necessarily rupture.  However, the best way to assess your implant integrity is through an MRI.

In terms of implant choices, you should talk to your board certified plastic surgeon.  He'll need to compare the dimensions of your existing implants to implants available to him/her to help you make a decision on what to choose.


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Breast Revision Options?

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you good advice with the information you have provided. Examination  or photos without bra/clothing as well as clear communication of your  goals would be a necessary place to start.

Consider resubmitting your question with your photos and goal photographs as well.

Best wishes.

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