Did my revision double eyelid surgery go wrong? (photo)

I just had revisional double eyelid surgery and ptosis repair 4 weeks ago. 6 days after I got it done the doctor had to fix an overcorrection on my right eye hence the asymmetry. Now the eyelid above the incision on my left is starting to hang over the incision. Is this normal? Is it just swollen and will it flatten out?

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Asymmetry after Asian eyelid surgery

don't be concerned yet.  Given that this is a revision 4 weeks is still quite early.  You will need to wait 3-6 months before you can tell for sure what this is going to look like.  There is a very good chance that this will have a satisfactory outcome so don't be too nervous yet and do not be tempted to use scar gels or other over-the-counter remedies or things you may buy online to help yourself.  You could make things worse so please the patient.  I'll attach a video with some photographs of people healing.

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