Revision double eyelid surgery (advisable?) (photo)

I did my first eyelid surgery in June 2013. The folds appear too high and the scars are very obvious. I didn't achieve a natural look and lose my Chinese Asian look. The folds appear deep and I feel tight. Please advise: 1)should I wait til 12 months or 18 months post-op before revision? 2)is 7 months sufficient to deduce the final results? 3)is revision recommended for me? (I have fear that a revision might worsen the look further) 4)is there any procedure that can remove the scars mark?

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Revision Asian eyelid surgery

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based on this will very limited information and photo I would generally say that you should wait longer.  After 12 months she may find that things look and feel more natural.  Trying to revise this by lowering the crease is difficult and unpredictable.  In your case you'll probably be best served by waiting.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't get an evaluation with a surgeon who is very experienced an Asian eyelid surgery.

pleased to be patient and give this time.  Did you have a Monolid before?  was here crease visible at all before surgery?

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