Revision Breast Surgery to Fix Asymmetrical Breasts?

I've attached a better picture of my breasts. They were asymmetrical before surgery and now the problems are magnified. The left nipple is high up on my left areola.

I want it lowered so its in the middle and more symmetrical to the right breast. What can I do for more symmetrical looking breasts? I'm open to all suggestions.

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Uneven breasts or Nipple asymmetry

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I think I answered this question yesterday. SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR SIMILAR PATIENTS:

As I recall, you started with some asymmetry. The real problem here is not recognizing this prior to surgery. In general, I make patients aware of their breast asymmetry (everyone has it) and some chose to fix it (not always possible) while others elect to do nothing. For the most part, in clothing, your asymmetry will go undetected and that is quite reasonable for many patients. That does not seem to be the situation in your particular instance.

In your case, the mounds are shaped differently and are typical of patients who present with a greater soft tissue envelope and mild sagging (on the right breast) compared to a smaller more elevated breast on the left. Placing similar sized implants will inflate the relatively smaller breast and elevate the nipple on the left more than the right giving it a "tighter" appearance with higher nipple-areola complex.

Which breast do you like better? Some of my patients prefer the right (more natural) whereas younger patients tend to prefer the left ( "high and tight"). Depending on your preference different options are available but there is no obvious deformity. It essentially comes down to taste and preference and you need to make your preferences known to your surgeon.

FOR EXAMPLE, if you like the right, you may want to consider downsizing the left implant and contemplating a right perareolar crescent mastopexy. If you prefer the left you may want to make the right larger with a periareolar crescent mastopexy. In any case you will incur more scars.

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Correct breast asymmetry with a lift

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The easier thing to do is to adjust the right side to match up with the left side. Your right breast is sagging more then the left. Most people suggest to move the nipple. This is a reasonable compromise leaving a scar only around the areola. A more dramatic procedure would be to do a vertical lift on the right side. This would improve (not correct) the nipple and breast asymmetry, however it would leave a short vertical scar under the areola. Question is what would bother you more: a scar or breast asymmetry

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Breast Asymmetry

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As many collegues have pointed out, breast asymmetry is very common and in fact symmetrical breasts are very uncommon.  In your case, I would consider doing a peri-areolar nipple areola repositioning of both nipple areola complexes with the aim of lowering the left slightly nad raising the right slightly. 

Correcting asymmetrical breasts

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Hi DanielleC1982 - How long has it been since your augmentation? If it was recent, I would wait for the breasts to settle at least 6-8 months before doing anymore surgery. If it's been a while, lowering a nipple is very hard. Instead, if you want to make them more symmetric the right nipple/areola can be raised to meet the left one with a periareolar lift.

Asymmetry of the breasts is norm

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Asymmetry of the breasts is the norm rather than the exception. Lowering the areola is often difficult because it can leave a scar above the areola. More often than, not raising the other one on the right may put them more in line.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast asymmetry after augmentation, can it be fixed?

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Brast asymmetry is actually very very common. So, common that breast SYMMETRY is rare. Almost all patients will have asymmetrical breasts. Breast augmentation will make this unevenness more apparent. It is very important to discuss this with all patients preoperatively. Yes, it is possible to fix asymmetric breasts and it involves incisions around the nipple. In general, most patients will end up with more scars, but there are methods to help nipple position.

I agree with the other physicians' responses. Breasts are sisters, not twins. It is possible to raise a nipple, not lower it. Make sure it has been at least 6 months since your surgery, then see which breast you prefer and get a consultation. Good luck.

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Breast asymmetry before surgery

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Pre-existing breast asymmetry is very common first off and the importance of keeping this in mind in surgical planning is very important. It may be that the left implant is placed lower to try to match the position of the bottom of the right breast. This will even make the left nipple appear higher. As you continue to heal you will need to decide which breast you like better and then, if you feel it is necessary at the time, a plan can be made to try to make them appear closer to symmetric. Remember, as one of my staff says to patients, they are sisters, not twins. I hope this helps.

Dr Edwards

I recommend crescent periareolar lift on the right breast

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The first step is do something simple. I would recommend doing a crescent periareolar lift on the right, ONLY. This can be done under local anesthesia. If this corrects your issue to over 50% of the pre operative appearance than be happy and leave it alone. 

Another answer for you

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You can raise nipples but you really cannot lower them. The face that your left nipples is not in the middle of the areola is a bit unique but it can't be moved to the center. Your best bet in my opinion is to do a periareolar lift of the right nipple and get closer to level to the left side. Either that or just choose to do nothing.

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