What Size Implant for a Revision to Get More Cleavage While Still Looking Natural?

I had 350cc gel implants put in 6wks ago (was a 34AA prior to). The dr did an amazing job, however I expected/hoped to be a little bigger/have more cleavage. I have a small frame so the dr is hesitant to do a revision but at my urging, suggested a 600cc high profile to maintain the same diameter. I was thinkin 500cc moderate plus myself, as I am worried how high profile will appear. What size is recommended to get me the add'l cleavage I want while keepin as natural a look as possible?

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Cleavage is predicated on two things, the width of the implants and the patients anatomy. If the anatomy causes the muscles to insert widely onthe sternum, then nothing will get them as close as probably you would like. If you force the issue too much you will develop symmastia.

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Cleavage is not just a function of breast size in breast augmentation

Cleavage is the space between the breasts and varies from woman to woman. What is often misunderstood is that the width of the breast bone along with the position of the skin crease and pectoralis muscle along the breast bone determines how close to the midline the breast will be. Some women have a wide breast bone and therefore a wider cleavage. Breast implants do not make this space between the breasts more narrow. This may sound funny but the best way to evaluate where your natural cleavage is is to press the breasts together towards the middle. If this manoeuvre does not give you the cleavage you want, neither will an implant, even a larger one than what you already have.

Elizabeth Slass Lee, MD
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High profile versus moderte plus silicone gel implants.

In that volume, I prefer the high profile gel as opposed to the moderate plus which can be excessively wide  for your frame. Review your options with your surgeon and discuss the pros and cons of each implant for your unique measurements,.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Implants and cleavage

The only way you will get more cleavage is with a maximally wide implant for your frame, so staying in the same width and just going up in profile probably won't work unless your current implants have already maxed out the width.  In addition, with your body size, 500-600 cc implants in either moderate plus or HP will in no way "look natural" so please give up that idea as it only causes confusion and just focus on the "look" you want, whether it is natural or not.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Implant dimensions important for cleavage

Without knowing more no one is in a better position that your own surgeon to make a recommendation. In general, the emphasis on base diamter is appropriate. If the implant has a narrow base then the separation between the breasts can be too large, which is what most women don't want with the cleavage area. High profile implants are designed to maximize volume on a narrow base. Because of the greater projection, they tend to look less natural. The discussion with your surgeon should begin with what size you want (600 cc is large) and then determine what profile implant has the right base diameter to optimize cleavage.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Need an in-person evaluation

Impossible to answer over the internet WITHOUT photos! And ONLY 6 weeks after first operation, why the hurry? Please obtain additional opinions before doing this very risky EARLY revision.

From MIAMI Dr. B

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