Had Revision Asian Rhinoplasty 1 Week Ago and It is Crooked How Long Til I Can Have Another Revision? (photo)

I've had asian rhinoplasty to make my bridge higher 5 years ago and noticed it was slightly crooked, also the tip of my nose was uneven. Over the years I decided i wanted a lower bridge, something more natural looking, so I finally made the decision to have a revision last week. Unfortunately things did not turn out well for me, my bridge is a lot higher, but my main concern is it is a lot MORE crooked and obvious. How long must i wait til I can get it fixed? I am too embarrassed to go anywhere!

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Had Revision Asian Rhinoplasty 1 Week Ago and It is Crooked How Long Til I Can Have Another Revision?

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There are several reasons an implant may appear crooked. It may have become misplaced. It may have been the wrong implant. The pocket it was placed in may have been too large. And it is possible there is an underlying structural abnormality (deviated septum) that contributes to the overall crooked appearance. The implant will not straighten on its own. It needs to be removed and replaced. Perhaps there is a better implant available. Perhaps you have a deviated septum. If the pocket was too large, you could have the implant removed and wait before having another replaced. Your operating surgeon can re-evaluate your nose and your implant.

Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

Shirakabe Dorsal Nasal Implant Will Correct Your Crooked Nose

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From your picture, it's obvious to me that you had a silicone implant with a shallow cupped undersurface.  These have a great tendency to slide from side to side, and that usually causes the top to deviate to one side and the bottom to another.  I would return to see your plastic surgeon because he or she knows best how the surgery went and what forces might be at work inside your nose at this moment.  However, in Honolulu, if you were my patient, I would place the Shirakabe dorsal nasal implant minus the L-shaped strut.  This implant has deep side walls which will follow the natural line of your dorsal nasal bone and cartilage.  As far as timing is concerned, in my practice I would change the implant the day you come in. 

Unfortunately, once the silicone implants deviate from side to side, they will never gain a centralized position. 

Had Revision Asian Rhinoplasty 1 Week Ago and It is Crooked How Long Til I Can Have Another Revision?

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 ! week post Revision Rhinoplasty is awfully soon to evaluate results although it does appear that the dorsal nasal graft is shifted off the left side of the nose.  If that is the case this maybe the way it will ultimately look.  

 The only type of dorsal grafts that I use to build up the nasal bridge are straight silastic grafts that are placed below the nasal bone periostium to secure the upper segment.  The lower segment, of the graft, is trimmed to end and taper in the supra-tip region that is then secured to septal cartilage with a permenent suture.  

 This should keep the graft in place.  If any of these procedures were not done, the graft may have shiofted.  Six months is the shortest period of time to wait for a revision unless your Rhinoplasty Surgeon is willing to go back in immediately and adjust the graft if it is indeed misaligned.  Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Crooked Implant in Asian Rhinoplasty

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If your implant is crooked now it will probably be crooked until you do something to change that. Therefore it's my opinion that you can change the implant now and  there is no need to wait. If you wait you may develop scar tissue making it harder to fix the crooked implant you have now.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Had Revision Asian Rhinoplasty 1 Week Ago and It is Crooked How Long Til I Can Have Another Revision?

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Thanks for posting photos. But I am not sure if by an ASIAN RHINOPLASTY you mean and alloplastic implant? So best to obtain a few in person opinions. Best to wait at least 4 to 6 months before revision. Good Luck. 

Nose more corked after revision

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Thank you for the question and the photos. Your nose does seem more deviated than the first surgery, but it has only a week since surgery. So there is an element of swelling to the picture. You have to way eight to ten months before most of the swelling and scarring resolve. After that you can have the nose reevaluated. 

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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