4th Revision and Yet Failure? (photo)

This was my 4th attempt, post op photos are a week from the op and 2 days after the splint & tape were removed , this op was only for getting some acceptable symmetry of the nostil I.e to get the right to be of similer to the left, inspite of a ear crtlg put in my right nostril to correct the notchng How best to address the asymmetrical nostril shape and which side should be shaped to match the other , my pref the right to match the left And will this be a major or minor procedure and risk?

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Nostril Revision

It can be almost impossible to 100% correct a severe nostril asymmetry. It looks like you have some significant improvement, so the operation was probably not a failure. Your surgeon should be able to give you better insight at your follow up. 

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