To Revise or Not To Revise? Dent on Side, V-Deformity, More? (photo)

Rhino w/ fine results, 4 yrs later wonky cartilage show on tip so did revision. Not bad but a dent one side. 10 years now and have range of defects: V deformity, nostrils retracted w/ hanging col, beak like w/ smiling. Dent/soft tri pronounced, actually twist in nose. Not a smooth transition, tip isolated. Issues happened post-op in both cases, years later. Do noses like mine have a mind of their own with healing despite a surgeons efforts? Worth the risk, could it get worse or I be disfigured?

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Tip and Tip Support Improvement

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  I think your tip symmetry and tip support can be improved, but I am less convinced that I would tinker with anything else about your nose.  An exam would be necessary to know for sure as well as to explore options for correction.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

To Revise Nose or Not to Revise

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You result is not the secondary to unfortunate healing. Let me summarize by saying that you have had significant collapse of your nasal structures. I strongly recommend that you consider a revision to reconstruct your nose. Extensive cartilage grafting will be necessary so select a rhinoplasty surgeon who specializes in reconstructive work

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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