Can Smart Lipo Results Be Reversed?

I wanted to smoothen my thighs to have a nicer transition from hip to thigh, but way too much fat was taken out of my thighs. I look skinny and horrible. I loved my curves and I  just wanted to make them look better.

Can the Smart Lipo results be reversed? Can I gain the fat back? Can my thighs look the way they were before? What can I do?

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Smart Lipo results can be reversed, but it's hard

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Yes, usually there can be some reversal of excessive liposuction, but it is difficult. You can have fat transferred to the area. Usually it will take at least one or two surgeries to have enough fat placed in the over-resected area to correct the deficit (if it is a large, deficit.) If the deficit is small sometimes it can be corrected with a single surgery.

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