Reverse Osteotomies/Outfracture?

My surgical notes state that my surgeon performed medial osteotomies in a fading lateral fashion, followed by bi-lateral osteotomies (high-low-high fashion) then again with curved osteotome to close the open roof deformity, yet I was left with a residual boney hump. I feel my bones are too curved in especially in relation to the hump and it is causing collapse. Can the curved bone be returned closely to it's original flatter state? Scrunching my nose re-creates the width I'd like back on the sides.

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Residual deformities

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You are describing more than one issue and each may require a different solution. The best is to discuss with your PS and perhaps get a second opinion. Pictures would help to give better advice.

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Reverse osteotomies and rhinoplasty.

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I need to see better pictures of what the problem is. Return to your surgeon and ask him if this is possible and if you are not satisfied seek a second opinion from a very experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Out fracturing of bones in secondary rhinoplasties is tricky.

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I'm not so certain your assessment of the problem is accurate. Out fracturing is difficult to get good symmetry. You need to take this up with your surgeon.

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