Is it possible to reverse osteotomies, making the nasal bones wider and having a dorsal graft so there is no open roof?

how can a nose be made wider. Is it possible to reverse osteotomies that was once done, to make the nose look wider given that a dorsal graft will be added to replace the once removed dorsal hump and hide an open roof? if it is possible what would be the risks and how difficult would this be to perform. how

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Widening osteotomy

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An osteotomy is a cut in the bone that allows bones to be repositioned. They can be used commonly to narrow the distance between bones but can be used to widen distance as well.

In the nose revision rhinoplasty may use osteotomy of the bone to reposition bones to create an altered appearance, but each cut in the bone will destabilise the boney base of the nose so caution is needed and there are risks of adverse results.

You need a full assessment of the current structure of the nose, a list of objectives, and then the opinion of an expect as to what is possible. From there a decision towards surgery can be planned

Jeremy Hunt

Is it possible to reverse osteotomies, making the nasal bones wider and having a dorsal graft so there is no open roof?

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Osteotomies can be used to create mobile fragments that can be brought in or brought out. However, infracture is reliable, and outfracture with maintenance of that outfracture is less so. Cartilage grafting to increase width can be used in combination with outfracture or as a single maneuver to increase width.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Revision out a rhinoplasty specialist

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It is possible to make the nose wider, and there are different options available. Without photographs it is impossible to make even vague recommendations. if you have subtle irregularities, it might be possible to use some filler to augment the dorsum or camouflage smaller problems. These types of interventions are relatively inexpensive, and are done in the office with minimal downtime and minimal recovery. Grafting might be necessary if more dramatic changes are needed. The cost, recovery and risks will depend on the details of your procedure.

Seek out a rhinoplasty specialist in your area. After your consultation, your surgeon will be able to give you a plan and answer your questions about the procedure(s).

Yours in good health, MKB

Michael Bowman, MD
Roanoke Facial Plastic Surgeon

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