Reverse Juvederm Effects?

Is there a reversal procedure for Juvederm?

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Reversing Juvederm

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There is a product that can be used to dissolve Juvederm called hyaluronidase. Talk to your injector about it as there are risks involved with its use.

Reverse Juvederm effects?

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Yes you can reduce the amount of Juvederm injected. However, removing / reducing the injected material is not predictable in terms of removing "just" the right amount. Make sure you have allowed sufficient time after your injection to allow for the swelling to be gone. The length of time the swelling lasts depends a great deal on how much material was injected, injector technique and location.

Juverderm Reversal Procedure?

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Hi Teresa,

There is a reversal procedure for too much Juvederm.  Either Vitrase or Widase may be injected into the area to enzymatically help dissolve the Juvederm.  Good luck and be well.

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