Reverse Lower Jaw Surgery, to Correct Upper Jaw?

I had lower jaw surgery(moved back)5 years ago. My teeths are now closing correctly but when i smile my upper teeths looked far back, and my whole face moves back(especially lips).I was wondering if i can have an upper jaw surgery(3mm out) to correct this bad appearence so my upper teeths show up. Is it possiple to reverce lower jaw surgery and move upper forward? Or even move only upper jaw.I was told that my chin was making this but even after genioplastic i still the same.

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Reverse Jaw Surgery

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Without photographs, especially lateral views, it is a bit difficult to see the problem you describe.

What I think you are describing is a problem where you had an upper jaw deficiency and either an over protrussive or possibly normal lower jaw that was treated by moving the lower jaw back to achieve a normal bite.  Perhaps you could have had the upper jaw moved forward a bit and the lower jaw back a bit less to achieve the same bite but with a more balanced facial profile.

Now you are becoming aware of the deficiency of the upper jaw and to some degree the entire lower face.

Can you repeat the jaw surgery to improve the problem?  Yes, you can.  You can even keep the same bite while both upper and lower jaws are moved forward.  Your chin may need to be moved back a bit, as it will become even more prominent.  

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