Will a Reverse Forehead Lift Round out a Flat Forhead Also? Which Areas Are Affected

I'm a female in my 30's with a square,flat somewhat high forehead.Along with having a square jaw, as I get older, both are making my face appear masculine.I'm interested in the reverse brow lift for lifting around my eyes & lowering of my hairline but wondering if it's possible to "round-out" my forehead during this procedure to a more feminine look. Also wondering about removing the frown muscle & is there a way to remove a bulging forehead vein that comes and goes.

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Achieve with hair grafting

The hairline advancement/forehead shortening procedure usually does not permit rounding out of the hairline-  instead, this can be subsequently achieved with hair grafting performed several weeks later.  Depending on the laxity of the scalp, the hairline can be advanced by anywhere from ½ an inch to as much as almost 2 inches, but the occasional patient will choose to have balloon tissue expansion to permit further advancement.  Transecting of the frown muscles is unfortunately a temporary solution, as it seems that these muscles regrow.

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Will a Reverse Forehead Lift Round out a Flat Forhead Also? Which Areas Are Affected

IMHO, it might be in your best interest to have several consultations with experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons for specific ways to aesthetically soften and feminize your face.  I have written a book, on the subject, and the shape or height of the frontal hairline is not even among the top 10 ways to accomplish that.  Shaping the Cheeks and Lips would offer far more softness to the face.

There is no way to create the gentle curvature of the frontal skull during a Reverse Brow Lift, only the ability to decrease bony elevations that sometimes occur over the upper eyesockets.  However, this is a good area for serial Sculptra injections that may be able to offer some shape and contour to the upper forehead.  Typically veins are not removed as part of any Brow Lift procedure as they run ina more superfiicial plane than the one the Brow Lift is performed.

The final issue with a reverse Brow Lift is incision placement that by the nature, of the procedure to lower the hairline, must be placed in front of the hairline.  In the past 20 years, I have seen this incision many times (done elsewhere) and even with a beautiful scar, the incision and scar is very visible making the patients very unhappy.  The front hairline has small villous hairs, at an irregular pattern that braek up the appearance of the front hairline.  Any incision that's placed in front of the hairline and removes forehead skin below the hairline removes all of these villous hairs.  The result is an obvious straight, unbroken line that's very obvious.  For that reason, I only place Brow Lift incisions 3 inches deep inside the hairline, never along the front of the hairline.  IMO, you should do this as a last resort and be prepared to have hair transplants, in order to hide the scar, in the near future.

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Reverse forehead lift, lowering the hairline

All the the procedures you mentioned could be performed. It is difficult to counsel you without actually seeing photographs. I can usually bring down the hairline about 1 and one half inches. Once the area is open, other procedures, like refining and feminizing, reshaping the forehead bone may be done.

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Forehead reshaping and Browlift in Asians

The forehead can be lowered.  it also depends on what you are referring to.  If you have prominent brow bones, these can be shaved.  If the hair line is to high, then we bring the hair bearing area forward.  There are several methods but the best is a using a specialized "balloon" to expand the hair bearing skin and then bringing the new skin forward in a 2 staged procedure.  Forehead shapes can be altered with different implants, either from the patients body for minor corrections or with custom made implants.  All the above procedures can be combined with a browlift.  The square jaw line can also be treated.  However, I would need to examine it first.  Popular with my Asian patients, specialized Botox injections can be useful.

David Alessi, MD
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Hairline Lowering

Many years ago we developed and described a technique to lower the female hairline. A browlift can be done and the frown lines treated with this procedure if necessary. I refer you to our website for a more complete description. I won't recommend treatment of your "square jawline" or the bulging forehead vein without seeing you or facial pictures.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Reverse forehead lift to reshape a flat forehead

a customized implant could be inserted with the operation that lowers the hairline, lifts the brows and removes some of the frown muscles. It may also  be possible to ligate a prominent vein of the forehead. You might also want to address the square masculine chin you describe.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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