How to Reverse a Fat Transfer to Cheeks? (photo)

I had a fat transfer to my cheeks 9 months ago and regret it. It is uneven and makes me look gaunt. When I smile the unevenness is more noticeable. What are my options? Thanks! The first photo was taken 9 months ago, and the other just this week. The next photo is me smiling...about 5 months ago, which looks worse now.

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How to Reverse a Fat Transfer to Cheeks?

I always tell my patients its much easier to add more fat than try to take it out.  Im sorry you are dissatisfied with your result.  I would suggest seeing a Plastic Surgeon for advice. He/she may suggest steroid injections to shrink the fat.  This is tricky, however, and can lead to excessive loss of fat creating contour irregularities, so one must ve very careful.  Attempts at liposuction can also be performed.

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Asymmetry after fat grafting

There are a couple of options:

  1. add additional fat to the hollower side
  2. remove or dissolve injected fat from the fuller side

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Reversing Fat from the Cheeks

I am sorry you are upset with the results in your cheeks. THere are several ways to remove fat injections. Steroids can be injected in the surrounding areas to decrease the fat and reduce any left over swelling. Fat can also be removed with a syringe, I have experience with both of these methods at my clinic. It would be best to see you in person, or see another plastic surgeon to best decide what treatment would be best for you. Good luck,

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