How to Reverse Bad Results from Chemical Peel?

How can I reverse a bad Chemical peel the peel has left me with large pores small scars and a orange peel effect all over my face worst on my cheeks.

I did a 30 Glycolic acid peel. I have white skin, I'm 25 years of age. Someone please help me.

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How long has it been since your peel?

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Dear Inneedof

Ablative skin treatments including chemical peels and laser resurfacing are harsh. At best they are neutral on pore size. They certainly don't make pores smaller. Chemical peels and laser resurfacing can cause permanent skin scars and hypopigmenation. However, if your peel has only been recently done, some of the change you see in pore size might improve. The patchy scaring is difficult to treat. However, the enlarged pore size might be improved by Fotofacial.

I recommend that you find a cosmetic dermatologist in your area who can assist you.

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