Reverse Abdominoplasty Vs. Modified Tummy Tuck for Lesser Scars?

I am trying to minimize scarring the best way I know how. I have researched this for over three years now. I would like to get a surgeon that specializes in minimal scarring and combine it with the fraxel/pixel laser. I dont have that much access skin. Main concerns are my belly button and if the scar will be low enough for my bikinis. I also had a belly button ring that left me with a little indentation and a gall bladder surgery scar. Can this all be fixed?

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Don't over-think and Micro-manage your plastic surgery

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Hi there-

I completely agree with Dr. Rand...

Nothing good will come of you choosing a procedure you think you want and then trying to find a surgeon willing to do it on you....

Some of the very worst outcomes I see in my Orlando Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center are in women who did just that... (and they're obviously in MY office because they now want it corrected- at further expense).

Please don't make this mistake.

Your best bet is to find an skilled and experienced plastic surgeon (we are not all created equal) that you like and feel you can trust, and proceed with recommendations that make sense to you...

Placing yourself in the hands of a skilled surgeon and having the procedure that he/she believes will give you the most beautiful outcome will undoubtedly lead to a better result and experience for you than if you found a surgeon willing to compromise himself by performing the procedure you want just to get your business.

As I say often to friends and patients alike- Find your surgeon first- THEN communicate with them about the procedure.

Here's some help finding a surgeon you like and can trust:

Standard tummy tuck most often the best option

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Although I am a fan of the reverse abdominoplasty in select circumstances, you will definitely be disappointed based on what I see in the picture. What I see is quite a lot of excess skin in the lower part of the abdomen, which is the area treated best with the standard tummy tuck. I use a method called the Progressive Tension Suture technique, which helps keep the scar very low. An experienced plastic surgeon should be able to make a very nice belly button.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Regular tummy tuck will be best

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You have already heard this from well-known and experienced plastic surgeons. I can only say that if we had a way to get great results with techniques that caused less scarring, we would all be doing it.

The hype concerning the non-surgical and "mini" procedures is just that. I would encourage you to look for photos of patients who look like you, and who have results you like. You will undoubetdly find that they have had standard tummy tucks.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Reverse tummy tuck very seldom best operation.

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I am afraid that the only approach that will help you is a full tummy tuck, with a long but low scar above your groins. Anything else will be a waste of time and money. I know this is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

You need a full tummy tuck

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Dont waste your time and money on lasers & fraxels etc -- you need a full tummy tuck and you will look great. Nothing else will work for you.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Reverse abdominoplasty vs. modified tummy tuck for lesser scars.

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Add my vote to the list of a FULL tummy tuck. You should listen to us posters so you do not get into any issues. As doing the wrong operation.


Tummy tuck candidate

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Hi Millyane,

My practice offers Fraxel and Thermage, and I hate making unnecessary scars...

That being said, you need a full tummy tuck. Your photos demonstrate significant strech marks, the sign of irreverisble skin injury, as well as muscle laxity (looseness) and a mis-shapen belly button. Only a tummy tuck can fix all of these issues.

If your concern is that the surgeon will not place the incision low enough, stress this issue with your plastic surgeon. Make him or her realize how important this issue is to you. If he or she can't accomodate this request, meet with another surgeon who can help you achieve your goals.

Best of luck.

Go with a regular tummy tuck

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Add my name to the above doctors. A mini tummy tuck with laser with give you a scar, abnormal belly button and probably some discoloration from the laser. You have stretch marks extending all the way above the belly button and an abormal shape to the belly button. The only way I see to correct this is with a regular abdominoplasty or a lipoabdominoplasty depending upon your findings on examination.

I would not recommend the reverse abdominoplasty from the results I have seen with scars under the breast and across the chestbone.

Good luck with your choice, but I find it interesting that doctors from all corners of the USA and the middle have given you the same advice. Maybe you need to see a few more doctors before making your decision.

Full Abdominoplasty

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i perform minimally invasive surgery all the time. Based on your pictures you would benefit from a full abdominoplasty. I would suggest going to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for the best results.

Good Luck.

Andrew T. Cohen, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck scarring

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You need a full classic tummy tuck to remove and translocate your stretch marks as well as to repair your muscle diastasis. Although you do show a tendency to form hypertrophic scars, the abdominoplasty incision usually is less likely to form a thickened scar and it can be placed within your bikini line.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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