How To Do Reverse Abdominoplasty for Upper Ab Stretch Marks; Skin Excision?

I'm looking into getting a tummy tuck once I meet my weight loss goals. (I expect to have lost about 80 lbs) While I do have stretch marks on the lower part of my abdomen, most of my stretch marks are above my belly button and wouldn't be helped by a traditional tummy tuck. Where exactly are the incisions when you have a reverse tummy tuck? Can you expect to lose all of the skin above your navel? I read one plastic surgeon answer who said the scars are hidden if you have large breasts.

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Reverse abdominoplasty

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The scars for reverse abdominoplasty are put in the crease under the breast that is in the inframammary line and crossing the midline over the lower breast bone and laterally can go all the way around if that is what is needed for an upper body lift.

The scars are Not hidden, are not ideal. but most patients do not mine them after massive weight loss, the trade off to them is worth it. For some the trade off is not worth it. then a tradutional tummy tuck with the scar hidden in the bikini line is better. In massive weight loss may need a fleur de lis type of abdominoplasty.. If you have stretch marks above the belly button then you still will have stretch marks after any surgery type.

Once you are near your ideal weight consult a board certified plastic surgeon to dicuss all your options then YOU can make an informed decision that you will be happy with.

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