Reversal of Fat Transfer Under Eyes

My procedure was done 15 years ago and far too much fat so that when I smile my eyes are nearly invisible What options?

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Lumps under the eyes

Under the eyes the skin is very thin when we age. any superficial injection becomes visible immediately.

FAMI use tto inject the SOOF and the muscles of the tear trough.

FAMI can blend the region and make the lumps unconspicuous

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Too much fat stayed after fat injections to lower eyelids

Corticosteroid injections have a risk of over atrophy or too much thinning, and also creating cataracts. Liposuction is not easy because of scarring from the procedure.  Surgical excision might be the best and an oculoplastic or plastic surgeon might be able to enter the area via a conjunctival incision to minimize scarring on the skin.

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