No Results With Radiesse, Can I Get My Money Back?

I had radiesse done to nose to mouth lines and some on cheeks.she said i neede one syringe,o.k had it done when she was finished she didn't really say anything like "yeah it looks good"nothing so i was already thinking not good,after it was all done she said remember it will metabolize.what does that mean?i will wake up with no results?did she proceeded to say in the future you should try sculptra,well this morning i see nothinggggg.I am so mad!

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No Results With Radiesse

After fillers it's very common to have swelling on the area for the first 2-3 weeks. Once healed, patients tend to think the product is gone but in reality, the inflammation has settled and you are able to see your final result. In my opinion you were probably under-dosed and would benefit from another syringe of Radiesse to achieve the result you wish for

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No results from Radiesse

A common Radiesse injection mistake is to place the needle too deep in the nasolabial fold so that the filling effect is not appreciated. Since Radiesse injections are an art as much as a science, it is especially important to remember that the experience and technique of the physician injecting Radiesse is the most critical part to your achieving a beautiful, natural result. It is not likely that your money will be refunded because you are not happy.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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Radiesse results lacking

I'm sorry you aren't happy. The first thing I would say is that each patient is individual and one syringe simply isn't enough for some people. Radiesse syringes are a big larger in size so usually they are good for the NLF lines, but you may simply have needed more than one syringe to get full correction. Wait until the swelling and bruising are fully gone - about 10-14 days for Radiesse - and then assess.

It's impossible to metabolize Radiesse in 24 hours. Impossible. The Radiesse is definitely in there. It may not have been injected at the right depth, but trust me when I say you cannot metabolize Radiesse in 24 hours. It is 100% not possible.

Regarding your question about a refund... I would say this: you are paying for the injector's time and the product, you aren't paying for the result. Of course you desire a great result and any physician would desire to give that you, but it's not always possible and cosmetic procedures don't come with a guarantee.

After about 10 days, consider seeing your injector again (or another injector!) to go over what you had done, what you expected, and what you want adjusted.

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Radiesse refund

One syringe may have been insufficient to treat the cheeks and nasolabial creases. Spreading it thin is inadvisable. An experienced injector knows this. Given that you were injected with product, a refund would not be warranted. Your doctor may reduce the price of a second syringe. The beauty of Restylane is that if you do not need a full syringe, it can be saved for a later occasion. I hope that you were seen by a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who personally performed the procedure and not by a staff member.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Radiesse works

When Radiesse is injected,it is important for it to be placed in the correct areas and depths. The usual complaints of injectibles not working is merely that not enough was used. Often the patient has a financial limit, so tries to get away with injecting less, or they want multiple areas treated, so this dilutes the effect in any one area.

As far as a refund, generally. You pay for the procedure, not for the results. That said, often there can be some consideration in the fees for additional product.  As far as metabolizing the product, this takes many months if not a year or so to occur, so it is unlikely you metabolized it rapidly or that it doesn't work on you.

Hope this helps

Verne Weisberg, MD
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Policies Vary

Each practice or facility has a different policy regarding reimbursements.  First there needs to be sufficient product put in to make a difference.  A lesser experienced injector may not have a clear idea on how much you will need until the treatment is finished. Even with experienced injectors, subtle modifications or additions may need to be done subsequent to the initial treatment.

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