Will Teeth Return to Original Structure After Stopping Invisalign Mid-way?

I'm terminating invisalign treatment after 3.5 months. My original orthodontist declared bankruptcy and I was given a free consultation by another orthodontist in the same facility, who informed me the treatment plan the original orthodontist had devised was not going to correct my bite misalignment and TMJ Disorder. This new person also said I was beginning to show signs of my 2 front teeth becoming "tipped in". Will my teeth return to their original shape/protrusion (which was fine before I started)? My teeth were perfectly straight - I was just doing the treatment to correct my bite.

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Teeth are unpredictable on where they will go after braces

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It is certainly possible that the teeth would return to their previous inclination, but without guidance (from retainers or braces) we just don't know exactly WHERE they will go.

Stopping invisalign

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There is a chance that your teeth will return to their original position since you have only been doing invisalign for 3.5. months, but there are no guarantees. I would recommend discussing your issue with the new orthodontist as you may be able to backtrack your invisalign if you were happier with your teeth before you began.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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