Should I Have a Revision of Partial Root Canal Before Invisalign?

Hi I had a partial root canal done on tooth #14 about 10 years ago. I did not have any pain in the tooth except a few months ago after the wisdom tooth are extracted.

I am also not sure if the pain is coming for the tooth or anywhere else,it is very mild and intermittent and does not bother much.

Should I get the retreatment of rootcanal to complete it? what are the chances of success? I am getting invisalign and want to make sure if i should get this issue corrected before starting the treatment.

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Rooth Canal Revision before Invisalign

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Hi Buttercookie,

If the root canal is asymptomatic then you should leave it. 

You can always have the revision done during the Invisalign treatment if it becomes necessary.



Dr. Alper

New York Dentist

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