Retracted Alar / Hanging Columella / Mild Supratip Fullness?

8 months PO after having op to correct the hooked look of my nose. I also mentioned to my surgeon that I wanted to have as reduced columella show however I feel like the nostrils are now very retracted - especially from the 3/4 view where they seem very large. There is still some Supratip swelling as well and my surgeon states that this should go down but is overall happy with results. Is this likely to improve or will revision be req'd to reduce the Collumella show? Is this possible to fix?

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Changes after rhinoplasty

It's impossible to comment without seeing photos. Eight months after surgery you should be about 90% healed. There could still be some swelling in the supratip area but probably not the nostrils. Sometimes a steroid injection can help in the supratip area.

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