Does Using Retinol for a Week Make Skin More Able to Tolerate Retin-A?

I have crow feet under my eyes caused from sun. I have never smoked and I have a balanced diet. I didn't use to wear sunglasses as a teen or applying sunscreen regularly. Now I'm 22. I have mixed, blemish free, fair skin. I'm considering to start using Retin-A 0.25. I tolerate Retinol good and I'd like to minimize the side effects of Retin-A by using Retinol first for around a week if it would help.

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Retinol may help decrease dryness of Retin-A

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Retinol is much like a mild version of Retin-A.  Since the skin develops tolerance to these types of medications, the week of retinol should help when you start Retin-A.  I also suggest to my patients that, although the goal is to use Retin-A every night it is best not to start that way.  Patients seem to have less dryness from the Retin-A if they start using the product once a week for a few weeks, then twice a week for a few weeks, then three times, etc. 

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