Going on a Sunny Trip - Should I Discontinue Retin-A for Acne?

What to use instead of Retin-A in a 21/d sunny trip after 1/m using RetinA to prevent acne? I have been using a mixture of RetinA and Eldoquin for 1 month with little improvment. And i will go in a trip for 21 days which i will be exposed to sun a lot. Can i just to stop using the medication? or my skin will get worse? Is there an alternitave way to prevent acne from appearing?

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Retin A

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I can't imagine more sunny place than Saudi Arabia.

All medication for acne may sensitize you to the sun. You may want to change to the OBAJI line of care specific to acne (Obaji has a pack for acne). No antibiotics orally (Tetracycline)

may use Cleocin T topical antibiotics also

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