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i've been using retin a for a year for a wrinkle that has started above my top lip. JUST since i've been using the retin a i have GAINED TWO MORE wrinkles above my lip. I've asked my dermatoligist and everything i read says it helps with wrinkles. i've used it like i was supposed to. i've tried everything i know but i think its kinda funny that in the YEAR that i've been using the retin a i've actually GAINED two more wrinkles !!! do i need to stop using it or keep using it !!! PLEASE HELP !!!

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RetinA to Upper Lip Area.

Definitely continue using your RetinA nightly, consider Botox injections to the upper lip as well!  The reason you are getting wrinkles is because of muscle movement.  Relaxing the upper lip a little with Botox can help solve this problem. 

Hope this helps.


Dr. Grant Stevens 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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